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KRAL, off of Taxiway G
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Waypoint Aviation Services website is under construction, standby for details on new site! We will soon be operating under waypointMRO.com with a new email address in the future of fly@waypointMRO.com

Welcome to Waypoint Aviation!

We are a collection of pilot-mechanics who own, fix and fly the finest aircraft in the sky -- Beechcraft Aircraft.
We are also proud to be the first facility awarded the status of American Bonanza Society Center of Excellence, and here's the difference we can offer you and your airplane:

We fly what we maintain.

Waypoint Aviation carries a blanket liability and hull insurance policy just for test-flights of client aircraft. Will your shop even fly your plane after service? Our highly qualified, ABS-trained pilots and BPPP-certified and proven flight instructors know the squawks to look for, and we have all flown hundreds of individual Bonanzas and Barons, and we can't wait to meet yours! We'll find out when things "aren't quite right" immediately.

Chances are... we own one too!

We own, fly, and maintain the following Aircraft:
- 1958 Bonanza J35/260
- 1964 Bonanza S35/300
- 1975 Baron B55
- 1965 Colemill T42A/600
- 1968 Super Musketeer/200

(Did you notice... we like horsepower?)

We don't like surprises either.

No pilot wants a surprise -- we strive to keep you informed at every step of the way, to guide you through a difficult STC installation, heavy structural repair, or just a routine Annual. We're on your team.